Negative’s future is a ‘big questionmark’ -Voice Interview with Jonne Aaron


Frontman of Negative, Jonne Aaron revealed to Voice that the future of the band is pretty much open.
Jonne told, that concrete plans for the future of Negative aren’t any at the moment. Musicians have had their own holiday time and also because of other reasons plans were not made.
-I don’t really know what we do, I do have a big questionmark what will happen with Negative. In the band comes also family growing and other live changing. I also have to think about a lot of things, also in my private life a lot of things have happened.
– Maybe sometimes will come a new album. Some time ago Ville Valo said well, that it’s terrible to put the album together and then leave for touring. It’s a treadmill.
Negative has released 5 albums during their career, and have been touring continuously. Jonne needs sometime to breath now.
-Sometimes there is the need to also take a rest –have some nut and chips. An official break is however too roughly said, we will continue this yes!
To the band came in June the in Turku-born Hannu “Hata” Salmi, after Larry Love have left the band. The man had the chance to prove his abilities during the summer gigs, so being a permanent member of the band for him is anything but impossible.
-Hata is a great man and a class guitar player.  Myself I would sign him also for the future. Let the situation now weld, not to jump into the wild. I’d like to see Hata in the future as a member of the band.

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One response to “Negative’s future is a ‘big questionmark’ -Voice Interview with Jonne Aaron

  1. I agree that bands now a days try to s**t out songs really fast and rush rush rush to get them played and make that almighty dollar. It’s good to know there are still bands who take the time to make real music. Good post.

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